Hamada Araby

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"Stage" team


 We are proudly presented our leader Hamada Araby!
   Hamada Araby is well known as a master of human relationships and as a professional person in organizing art connecting people and cultures.
   Lots of festivals in Egypt experienced and were deeply satisfied with his professionals skills and his personal qualities.
   IN Hamada’s life history we found the long way of self-improvement:
   Education: Faculty of Arts, Ain Shams University. Tourism and management in Europe luxury and belly dance events organizer in Egypt and Europe from the 90's 12 years experience in Adventures trips around Egypt ,was business Partner and organizer in one of the belly dance festival in Egypt last 5 years Many companies, many professionals, many people all over the world remember Hamada Araby with deep respect and gratitude because there are not so much people who have a real talent to help and organize in high professional level and in the same time to present people warm and open heart. Hamada Araby can. And you will see it with your own eyes.


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