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Hamada Araby

 My dear friends ! We continue all exciting discoveries which we started,In the First part of our event we have 2 days in fascinating Cairo in the first night we will enjoy the magic of Cairo night life in one of the most famous cabaret with all the famous Egyptian dancers and singers the second night we will have our own Gala party with full orchestra and in the day we will learn from the Egyptian teachers plus a real Egyptian spiritual Zaar party in one of the villages after Cairo we will travel to the deep cities and villages to the sources to discover the real Egyptian folk and learn from the locales and the National folk troups,Tanata,Mansoura,Port said and Ismalia in this cites we will learn and see shows,falahi and Swahli weddings,Egyptian food,markets, You will remember these adventures as the most exciting event in your life. We promise you real CAIRO TIME which is always magic


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